A Space to Create: Part 1

A big part of being able to be a creator and a maker is having the space to do so. I think it can sometimes be taken for granted, but I know for many of us, it is so crucial. Not to be confused with having a separate studio, or even a separate room for that matter, but some space that can be dedicated to your work, even if it’s a folding table in the living room.

My workspaces are divided. I have a larger workshop in the back of our garage where all of my large, loud, and incredibly messy tools and machines are housed - this area is all about the initial production stages - and then I have a small room inside my home where everything else is completed. From applying the wood moisturizer to assembling the brass and fiber pieces to packaging and shipping, it’s all done in this small space.

I wanted to share a glimpse into these spaces starting with my indoor room, because it’s the prettiest! I’ve tried to create a place that can inspire, but also be relaxing. I need it to be a place I want to be. I am 100% one of those people who need the space to be clean and clutter free to begin working. Otherwise my mind cannot clearly focus on what actually needs to be done, I focus on the mess. So for this I have it setup, as best I can given the size, so that everything has a place and there is an abundance of free space for my works in progress to be.


Basically all of the furniture is from IKEA with the exception of the chair. That was a find from the the reuse store.


I keep two large corkboards. One is for my inspiration/vision board and the other is where I keep my open orders.


The dresser hides many of my fiber supplies, clay, brass pieces, samples, and stock.


The desk is quite large, which is perfect for the days I have 50+ pieces of wood to apply finish to.


This built-in comes in handy for the things I am grabbing for frequently and don’t want to search through a drawer for. My wood moisturizer, sanding tools, cutting tools, and other heavily used items stay here.

And there you have it. A look at where the magic happens!