The Functional Collection Is Here

I have unintentionally neglected this little corner of my site and I’m hoping to change that! I’m sure you can relate though? You have the best intentions but somehow that ‘thing’ never makes the top priority list, and you just can’t seem to carve out that little chunk of time from your full lives? Ditto.

Today will mark a shift in that pattern for me. If I write it down and somebody sees, maybe I’ll feel more accountable and it will hold true!

To the point of what this post is actually about though: the launch of the Functional Collection! It is a culmination of a lot of thought, sketches, planning, and trial & error, in an effort to bring to the world pieces that have a purpose other than decor. It is an intimate collection of goods that hold significance in different areas of my own life and will hopefully resonate with you as well :)

1. bud vases 2. coffee scoops and spoons 3. long incense holders

4. round incense holders 5. pinch bowls 6. short planter

One part of this new collection that was extra exciting for me, was using more unique wood and new finishing techniques. You will notice spalted and ambrosia maple, box elder, and blackened oak are options for many pieces. The blackened effect on the oak and the darkening on the box elder is not a stain, but rather a chemical reaction between a 'rust' solution and the natural tannins in the wood. The transformation happens in seconds right before your eyes!

I hope you take the time to look through all of the newness and find something that may be purposeful in your own life.