#makenine fabric choices

I have a love/hate relationship with fabric shopping. On the one hand it’s great, because who doesn’t love fabric? But it can become overwhelming trying to select the right color / weight/ fiber for a project. Especially when you are trying to create a cohesive wardrobe. And even more especially when there are no good brick and mortar options for you to shop at in person and everything is bought online. I try not to be impulsive when it comes to purchasing fabric, but I’m only human and so I have a small stash of fabric that I just had to have, only to realize it doesn’t really fit into my aesthetic.

For the #makenine project I am trying to be even more thoughtful with the pieces I will be making and so put together a round-up of fabric options that I am leaning towards for each garment.


Another challenge for me is that I enjoy print and pattern and color, but knowing when to use it isn’t all that straightforward. Everything in this round-up should work together pretty well to create several outfits. The only ‘oddball’ fabric (in my opinion, at least) is the first one, which I plan to use for the kalle shirtdress. But this is one of those impulse fabric buys that I can’t let sit on a shelf forever. I really like the pattern, but the color is just slightly off from a green I would have in my palette.