I’ve been sewing for over a decade now! Sewing started as a personal hobby for me, but nothing too serious. I thought for a brief period of time that I could make a business out of it, but quickly learned I had zero interest in sewing for other people. And now sewing is back to being something just for me, but more than just a hobby, something in the realm of self care. In the last few years I’ve really slowed down to consider what my personal style was, and also to consider the role I wanted to play as a consumer in the fashion industry. Ultimately I don’t want a role in it. ‘It’ being the behemoth of fast fashion, mistreated workers, and man made textiles. This is just a snippet of a much larger conversation, but you get the idea. With this stance I form all clothing related decisions. I have a very small wardrobe. It is filled almost entirely with basics that I have held onto as I replace them with more ethical or handmade pieces as needed. I have also made a commitment to using primarily natural textiles and no synthetics. There have to be a few exceptions though because undergarments, swimsuits, athletic clothes, all need some form of elastic, which is synthetic.

Back to the point. With this guiding ethos, I have become more and more drawn to indie pattern designers and the community surrounding it, and creating my own wardrobe. I will be participating in the #makenine challenge for the first time this year and have narrowed down the pieces I hope to make. Saying I’m going to make nine things makes it seem so easy, as if nine is a large number? If I’ve learned anything as an adult, it’s that life goes by quickly and carving out time to create is more of a challenge than it seems.


Top row:

  1. Kalle Shirtdress from Closetcase Patterns - I want to make every version of this pattern and haven’t completely narrowed down which I am going to choose for the challenge yet :)

  2. Wiksten Kimono from Shop Wiksten - I made a Wiksten Kimono when the pattern was first released in the Making magazine, and love the pattern, but my piece was made from stash fabric and is incredibly heavy to wear and so doesn’t get as much use as I would like.

  3. Rushcutter Dress from In The Folds - Just a really good looking loose fitting dress. Would be perfect in linen.

Middle Row:

  1. Ogden Cami from True Bias - Seems like the perfect pattern to add basic camis to your wardrobe.

  2. Hadley Top from Grainline Studio - Another basic addition, but one that could be easily dressed up or down. It also has sleeve variations.

  3. Arcos Undies from Sophie Hines - Do I need a reason?

Bottom Row:

  1. Fumeterre Skirt from Deer and Doe - I bought this pattern for myself for my birthday after longing to make this skirt for months (and months) and it is the piece I am most looking forward to making this year!

  2. Ninni Culottes by Named Clothing - I’ve never worn a pair of culottes before, but I see the appeal. This is the pattern I’m most nervous about. Hopefully I like the way they look!

  3. Palisade Pants by Papercut Patterns - These pants are part of their newest collection and look like a dream! If all goes well these will become a wardrobe staple for me :)

Hopefully I’ll document my making journey on here, but you can always follow along on my personal instagram @itsmedarci.